Getting Ready – Baby’s Coming!

Here at the Baby Boutique, we’re helping people across the land get ready for their exciting new arrival, whether that’s with useful advice that you might need to reassure you in the middle of the night, or with recommendations for products to make your life that little bit easier.

The first few nights of parenthood are likely to be some of the most memorable of your life, and possibly the most stressful too. Knowing where to turn in moments of panic can make life a lot easier, so if you’re here before the big arrival, you’re in the right place.

Preparing for the birth is so much more than attending ante natal classes – you might have been decorating, spending a fortune on baby gifts, and telling anyone that will listen about the intricate details of pregnancy.

As the big day approaches, it’s natural to feel nervous, and possibly even out of your depth. So, shall we get started?

Celebrating With A Unicorn Inspired Mum-To-Be

Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby for the first time brings along some amazing changes to your entire world.  From body changes as the baby grows inside to altering hormone levels, you often begin thinking about what life will be like once the incredible birth of your first child has taken place.

Will they be a boy or a girl? Who will they look like? What will they need?  So many questions to ask and so many things you want to do.  Some of the questions are easy to find answers to. Speaking to your own friends, your parents and other relatives and midwives or doctors are all possible options.

You can decide who you feel is the best to ask depending on the type of question you have.  Not all the questions you ask will always have a specific answer.  In some cases, there are or could be multiple answers available.  You might also (and in some case are likely to) find that the answers given, if you ask more than one person or group of people, can vary.

Try not to worry.  With many things, listening to the advice you are given and then making the choice that you want to make is a good step.   Where you’re unsure, you can always seek further advice online, at parenting groups or in-store.  There are lots of options available.

Flipping the coin, when you are asked by friends and relatives if, and what gifts you would like for your baby, what would you suggest?  Thinking about what you will need and would like to have prior to giving birth is good idea.  With advice given by midwives and various other sources, you can start to build up a list of the things you want.   Here’s a copy of the first list I made in my run down to giving birth.

Things we need to have:

  1. Car seat
  2. Bed for baby to sleep in
    A Moses basket with a stand (should be able to fit and move both up and downstairs) and a cot (for the baby bedroom)
  3. Sheets and blankets
    To use inside the Moses basket and cot, as well as around the house and in the pram/pushchair
  4. Baby bath
    Can we get one that can be filled up in the bath?
  5. Baby towels
  6. Monitor
    With or without a video camera
  7. Baby clothes
    Vests and body suits, gloves and hats

I found that having written the list I felt confident that we had put down the essentials that we decided we wanted.  The only thing we’d not done was be specific about which we wanted.  By that I mean things like the colour, the brand, the design and so on.  It wasn’t until we started to look around online and in-store that we began to work out what suited us.  As I was questioned more and more about what I or we would like as a gift, I began to take note of some of the things I’d seen meaning I could point the person asking in the direction we wanted to go.

In general, a simple plain bedding if it was a neutral multi-sex colour, we were fine with.  This was the same for a baby baths, towels and the clothes.  However, when it came to pictures or designs that we often would see on products, we struggled to spot ones we both felt happy with.  Having looked around a lot, we eventually spotted a style we both liked.  Out of all the things, it was something neither of us had through about or expected to see.  Suddenly, both online and in-store we started to spot unicorn related products more and more often.  I think it would be fair to say that the retailers selling the products had spotted that various people must find these items attractive.  So, as well as having notes listing the basic versions of the things we were happy to have (including to receive as gifts), I began to add specific unicorn designed creations that we spotted.   Here’s how far and as simple as I made it…

Sheets and blankets

ü  Plain white, cream or light grey cotton blankets and sheets – Mothercare, John Lewis

ü  Unicorn patterned blankets – lots of different ones on Amazon – particularly like unisex one made by Little Jump

We discovered from chatting to other parents we met after our first baby was born, that having decided to be specific about the products we wanted and the style and design of them, we had definitely put ourselves in a blissful position.

Keeping Baby Warm

A quick update today to address one of the common questions we hear from new parents – how warm does baby need to be at night?

Well, surprisingly, not as warm as many of us were led to believe (usually by our own parents)!

Generally, advice is to keep the air temperature to around 16 to 18 degrees, and use either a sleeping bag or sheet over baby, tucked in well around the cot mattress. That’s on top of their nightclothes – usually a baby grow or pyjamas.

There’s no need to wrap them up really warm, in fact that’s been linked with a higher risk of cot death by some studies. Many baby monitors come equipped with room temperature monitors, and often they’ll send that reading to your hand-held unit so that you don’t need to be in your child’s bedroom to check it.

Of course, there’s a limit to how much control over the baby’s room you can have particularly in the summer months. Unlike the USA, few of us have air conditioning in our homes, so we can’t do much about very hot nights. A few tips include to leave curtains drawn during the day to minimise the warming for the room as the sun bears down, and to reduce the baby’s clothing if its really warm and you’re struggling to bring the temperature down. If the winter it’s less of a problem, unless you’re suffering from a boiler breakdown or other heating complications.

Above all though, remember you can only do what you can, and our parents and their parents used to wrap their children up as if they were trying to cook them. On the whole though, we all turned out OK didn’t we?


Relatives Badgering For Baby Gift Ideas?

A common feature of pregnancy has absolutely nothing to do with the biology of baby making at all – the constant contact from excited relatives about the new arrival. For some parents, this can start as soon as you break the news that you’re expecting. To begin with it’s usually exciting, but soon it can become mildly irritating, especially if the advice starts to become unwanted, and critical of how you’re doing things.

A slightly more bearable feature of baby-mania is that relatives will often come clutching gifts. If you’re lucky, you might find that you’re asked in advance what you need, otherwise there’s a high chance that you’re going to get several similar or even identical items. Let’s face it, no-one ever needed three monitors.

A good tactic is to drop subtle hints, or even not so subtle hints. Drop into conversation that you need to sort out a baby monitor, or you’ve got one already. Perhaps you know nothing about cot mattresses, and you don’t know when you’ll find the time to go shopping. You get the idea!

Having a baby is an expensive business, and once they arrive there’s little relief from spending either. Kids grow up so quick, that it won’t seem like more than a couple of years and they’ll be demanding an XBox for their birthday, along with bikes, computers and all the latest fashion. If you’re lucky, one of those relatives will gift you a money tree!