A Motorola MBP36S Video Baby Monitor Review

When baby is on the way, we mentioned before that you’re probably starting to buy all sorts of kit to get ready for the big day. One common purchase is a baby monitor, and since you were a child yourself, you’ll be amazed at how much they can now do.

Gone are the days where you’re just listening in you baby breathing in their sleep – now at the very least you’re able to watch too. One of the most popular models on the market at the time of writing is Motorola’s MBP36S Digital Video Monitor. It’s one of many, but the MBP36S is popular for a reason – it packs a lot of features into a small gadget for a very reasonable price.

Night vision is a very useful feature on most monitors, and it’s achieved through infra red. It means you can see a good amount of detail when watching over your child, even if the room is very dark. Imagine if you needed to have a light on – it would render the use of a baby monitor at night almost useless!

While it’s affordable, you’re likely to want to spend around a hundred to a hundred and fifty pounds on a baby monitor that supports video as well as audio. The MBP36S RRP is £139.99, but you can typically get it for much less. As you might have noticed at videobabymonitorzone.com above, they typically link to the best price on Amazon, so have a look there at what the price is, along with taking a look at their other reviews too. Expert advice is important when making a decision about your baby’s safety, so read as much as you can on the subject.

Buying the right monitor will make your life as a parent a lot easier. At the very least it will put your mind at rest when you think you hear a noise – if you live in a busy area, you’ll know how someone making a noise outside can grab your attention – imagine what its going to be like when you’re on edge in case baby wakes up in the evening or overnight. With a video monitor, a quick tap to turn on the screen and glance at baby can put your mind at rest without even leaving the sofa – no need for umpteen trips up and down the stairs every evening!

All that said, some parents choose to overlook baby monitors entirely, not just the video variety. The reasoning is often that it encourages you to become too obsessed with checking the screen, and nurtures an over reliance upon technology. While some will be vocal and believe that their monitors are indispensable while others brand them evil, the fact of the matter is that everyone parents in their own way, and you have every right to make your own decision.