Heating Failure – F75 Boiler Repairs

When you’re trying to do your best for your child, the last thing you need is for the boiler to break down just as an April cold snap strikes. That’s exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago, when the weather took an unusually cold turn for the worst.

Waking up to a chillier than usual house was bad news, but the F75 error on our Vaillant boiler display made my heart sink instantly. I knew exactly that it wouldn’t be something I could fix myself because several of our neighbours have had the same problem recently too. Fortunately I did know that I could get a quick quote and more than likely have an engineer out the same day too. Our neighbours had used an online service to get an engineer – so used the same service myself.

As for our little bundle of joy, he slept through most of the disaster, which was helpful while we kept an ear out over the baby monitor. When he woke, he seemed blissfully unaware, thanks to his sleeping bag keeping him toasty warm – normally I enjoy the cuddle first thing in the morning, but in the cold, that little hot water bottle was all the more welcome!

So, the moral of the story is to make sure you have either a heating engineer on speed dial, or know where to get a quick quote if your boiler refuses to play ball in on cold mornings. I don’t know whether I’d have known what to do if the neighbours hadn’t told us about their heating failure, so thanks to Ian and Helen if you’re reading!

The Design Of Modern Gas Heating Boilers Have Made For Maximum Efficiency In Operations

In the past twenty years or so there have come to market many new as well as high efficiency gas heating boilers that have made our heating needs less of a problem. They have their own special design features especially when it comes to how the gas heating boilers are vented which leads to an absence of any need to dilute the air. What’s more, when natural gas products are combusted there are certain by-products produced including carbon dioxide and also water vapour and the design of new gas heating boilers provides means to increase efficiency by not allowing the heated air to escape and by also getting the most out of heat prior to their being vented that is part of the by-products.

Better Insulation

To get more efficient service from the gas heating boilers it has become necessary for manufacturers of such equipment to make elimination of pilot lights a reality because most gas heating boilers have ignition devices that can do without such lights. In addition, there is also need to have better insulation since it is normal for gas heating boilers to store their heat internally and thus are liable to lose heat more than is the case with air furnaces. Thus, it is necessary to prevent heat loss and only the best of insulation can help in this respect.

Gas heating boilers also need better methods to control drafts so that they do not lose too much from the flue and thus need to use draft hoods which are generally placed downstream of where the actual boiler is situated. Also, the modern gas heating boilers have actually begun to use power burners instead of aspirating gas burners and thus can improve the process of combustion and also help to develop and maintain the right level of draft.

Regardless of whether you use condensing or non-condensing gas heating boilers, there is a need to combine space as well as water heating and also ventilating systems in order to get most efficient operation and to also bring down costs. What’s more, many buildings today have less space for heating and thus it may often not be cost efficient to use high efficiency boilers just to take care of the heating requirements. It is much more advisable to combine the functions of heating space with other requirements such as for also heating domestic water.

So, when considering the best in gas heating boilers you can maximum efficiency by even opting for forced air systems which cost less as far as capital cost is concerned and the operations are more efficient.